SREERAM Masterpiece STEAM Cooker with IDLY Plates and Steamer

Sale price$49.99


Idly is a popular South Indian Breakfast item throughout India. Ultimate Idly Cooker made out of high quality stainless steel and has an easy opener attached. This product comes with 4 plates and can make a batch of 16 idlis.Highly imaginative steam cooking concept developed for the first time for cooking idlys, vegetables, eggs, bananas etc, deliciously without loosing its nutritional values and essential flavors.
15 soft and tastier idlys can be cooked at a time with specially designed idly plates.
There are 3 idly plates with 5 idly spots in each plates.
The closing lid is integrated with a small whistle for the release of pressure.
A tray with perforated number of holes in it is also available in this product to boil vegetables.
The size and shape of the product will attract anyone to buy it.
Elegant design of the handles make the product more attractive.
Package Content: 1 Piece of idly cooker with 3 idly plates, 1 vegetable boiling tray.

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