Large Stainless Steel Multifuctional Washing Rice, Fruits and Vegetables Bowl/Basket,

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Large (Diameter :35 cm approximately )Stainless Steel Multifuctional Washing Rice, Fruits and Vegetables Bowl/Basket, Colander, Food Strainer for Kitchen and Dining Table Utensils, Washer, Storage

About this item
BENEFITS: A metal, such as thick stainless steel , is used in our colanders. They can be used as an attractive/ beautiful material in dinner table. The fruit bowl/vegetable basket/ food strainer are used for kitchen purposes like washed rice strainer for babies and oil frying too. They are also used as storage basket. It can also be used to gift your special ones on any occasion.
STRAINER: These strainer baskets are also called as drainer baskets, dishwasher, microwave safe, and strong stainless steel construction. Because the colanders can be flattened, they are much easier to store. It is easy to wash and maintain.
QUALITY: Under typical atmospheric or water-based circumstances, Grade 204 will not rust. This is the most important advantage of utilizing high-quality 204 steel.
WIDE RIM: The Colander's wide rim enhances handling and easy to hold. It will be simple to handle in both hot and cold temperatures.

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